Easy Property Care

Easy Property Care

Carpet Cleaning​

Did you know that the cleanliness of your carpet affects the air quality of your house? Dirt, dust and allergens can accumulate in rugs, giving your lungs a lot more work to do.

We clean your rugs – and by extension, your air – with eco-friendly products that remove dirt and allergens, leaving your carpet clean. 

Our standard cleaning is a general carpet cleaning- we come in and put down a pre-spray to draw pet dander and other particulates out of your carpet, clean it, and provide an air-mover to help dry your carpet. Though drying takes between 4-8 hours, you can walk on your carpet immediately, and we provide a deodorizer at no additional charge. 

As we clean your carpet, we handle your living space with care. We’ll move smaller items off your carpet for you, but we don’t move electronics, beds, or anything delicate. If the carpet has the potential to bleed, we provide Styrofoam blocks to protect the flooring. 

We can clean just about anything, except for handmade items like Oriental or Persian rugs, which require specific cleaners. The general clean also does not include urine removal, specific stain removal, and smell removal. If these issues remain after the general clean, we recommend spot-specific treatment.

Are you ready for a cleaner life?