Easy Property Care

Easy Property Care

Natural Stone and Tile Services​

With tile surfaces, it is important to determine what type of material is to be cleaned. Is it a man-made product or is it a natural stone? It is also best to visually inspect the tile for potential damage that could occur during the cleaning process, from loose tiles and grout or improper installation of the tile.

Next, we need to determine what is the goal at the completion of the project.

Is cleaning the tile or the grout the primary concern? Is there a particular type of finish required? Do we need to seal or polish the surface?

There is a multitude of products to choose from for each unique circumstance. We recommend that you ask your contractor about the products that they propose to use in your home. Some produce caustic gases that will require you to leave your home for an extended period of time. Also protecting your children and pets from any potential chemical exposure is important.

Your flooring, shower walls, and counter tops are very difficult to replace if damaged, therefore we recommend that you procure references from any prospective contractor. Any pictures or video of work performed is a good measuring stick to gather a complete picture of those who will be working in your home. Ask questions. Even the simplest thing that you think unimportant could cost you thousands in the long run if left unasked.  We make sure we know your home so when we complete the work it will be done correctly.