Easy Property Care

Easy Property Care

Pressure Washing​

Roof, Siding, Concrete Cleaning

If you’re unhappy with the dirt or buildup on your deck, roof, walls or walkway, pressure washing is your solution. 

We use a commercial-grade pressure washer that can clean concrete, stucco, brick, vinyl and aluminum siding, shingles and wood. Different surfaces need different pressure, but if you’re careful (and we are) there’s not much you can’t clean with a pressure washer. 

Pressure washers are perfect if you’re looking for a cleaner surface, but not everything comes off with a pressure washer. It will remove surface dirt, but it won’t remove stains. The longer you go without washing your surface, whether it’s your walls, walkways, or roofs, the greater the chance that you’ll get staining. 

It’s important to note that using a pressure-washer in the house is a bad idea, and we don’t do it. But we’re happy to handle all your exterior needs, and we’re serious about your results. 

Price quotes are based on a visual inspection of the surface to be cleaned, and varies with the amount of area you’re covering, the type of surface, and the difficulty of working with it.

If you’re tired of a di ngy home, call in Easy Property Care.